ASU BCM Website

This summer I was given the opportunity to redesign and rebrand the campus minsitry which I attend. It was a fantastic chance to shape and contribute to the direction of this organization. The first request was an updated logo and website. During the last year Baptist Campus Ministry at AppState went through some administration changes and its no longer focused on just the campus of Appalachian State but also the surrounding colleges in the region known as the High Country.
The first thing we did was update the logo. We wanted a flat design that would look good on the printed material we do. We wanted to make the logo cleaner and simpler while still keeping a similar layout that students who were familiar with BCM would recognize.
We kept the old color scheme and mountains but changed the design so that it became a single unified shape that was self-contained and could work with transparency over any color background. 
In addition to the logo redesign we also did quite a heavy social media push with instagram and twitter. We wanted to promote the launch of the new website and also get students excited about the new look. We wanted to familiarize them with the new concepts early over the summer so it wasn't a massive transition when they came back to campus in August. 
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